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Ce Power Mac G4 est muni de "Mirrored Drive Doors" qu'on pourrait traduire par "Porte de lecteur miroir".

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Going from 133 MHz to 167 MHz

The G4 can deliver the correct power for the bus speed whether it is 133 MHz or 167 MHz, correct?

Its mainly a matter of changing out and keeping consistent the logicboard, CPU, and RAM so they all have the same bus speed, correct?

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The CPU's bus speed is either 133Mhz, or 167Mhz depending on the motherboard/CPU combo. The RAM will always run at the same speed as the CPU bus, If it cannot (If you are using a CPU that will make the bus speed 167Mhz, and your RAM is limited to 133Mhz [Which it shouldn't normaly be since it is DDR memory] the computer will give you a no ram error)

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