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LG Power Tracfone, ran on Android's 5.0 Lollipop platform with a 4.5" FWVGA Display, Model (L22C).

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Can I root/install cyanogenmod on this?


I just found a LG Power for $20 at Walmart and I LOVE it so far. I tried towelroot, but it said not supported. I also don't want to use kingo root because it sends your IMEI and s/n to some random Chinese server. So, can I root this or install cyanogenmod on this? If so, how?

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King Root may be your only option. Very little effort is put into root methods for these phones due to them being inexpensive. if you cant find a root method for LG Power, you can also try LG Leon, LG Destiny,. they are the same phone with different names

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