It says no disc

Whe disc input it says no disc

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Does the disc drive appear in my computer? Even if there is no disc


dulinijaya have you checked multiple discs to rule out that it is the disc that is at fault. It is possible that your laser just does not read the disc due to it being dirty or having failed. Obviously it does not show up in the "My Computer" folder anywhere since it is a DVD player.


Oldturkey the drive it's self will show up if the drive is connect you just can't open it...


@ethreal1 no it will not. The device the OP is inquiring about is not even connected to a computer. It is a freestanding portable DVD player and has nothing to do with any computer.


Sorry my bad........ it looked like a computer on my phone screen, now that I am at my computer I can see the little Picture better...


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