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Les Samsung Galaxy Tab sont les tablettes phares de Samsung rivalisant avec les iPad.

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Seeing the Battery But charge symbol has an X through it

Hi to all

I have a Samsung Galaxy SM-T810, Came into the shop with a cracked Digitizer. No worries sent away for a new one. Started the assembly and they are very easy to do. Put it together to test it and noted an "X" through the Battery Symbol. That means, not Charging, but why ?

I plug in the charge cable and it sees it but will not progress past the 20% that it is charged too

Has anyone seen this before and will a factory reset fix this?

New Battery maybe ?

I feel I would probably go for the first but it also could be a charging system fault........ not liking the sound of that

Would like to know your views Please


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Thank you for the answer, just to add to it. I left it on charge all night and in the morning it was fully charged and the "X" had gone,. But now I know the next time this happens ill know :)


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I get the the red x on my battery status symbol when charging now.

I dont know why.

But if i usea low amp charger the battery drains on charge.

If i up the amperage the x remains but the phone charges.

This is since the software update.

This could be coincidence.

The phone is a year old.

Could be battery fault.

But the battery when charged holds it well.

The red x does not necessarily mean not charging.

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