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Can not boot with install DVD (SnowLeopard Ver. 10.6.3)

I have an MBP aluminum with windows7 installed. There are no macosx inside. When I put in install DVD computer simply hangs with apple logo and nothing happens. Same if I try to install from external HDD.

I believe that windows where installed with boot camp as partition where OS is located called boot camp. Tried almost everything and nothing helps. Any smart advice???

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Your 10.6 disk is most likely an upgrade disk. Your machine needs to have 10.5 installed before using the Snow Leopard. Boot up from your original system installation disk by inserting the disk and holding down the "C" key, next go to the second page pull down menu to Utilities -> Disk Utility and first see if you can find and repair your original system. How did your hard drivwe get into this state?

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works for me +


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