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Is it possible to use the LCD with an LCD controller board?


I want to use the powerbook dispplay as external monitor using a universal LCD controller.

Here an example:

Is it possible?


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I would assume so, given that you find a LCD controller board that is compatible with Mac displays. Apple's display cables usually very from PC's.


Jaume Bosch that will entirely depend on your LCD panel. If you can give us the panel number, we might find you the proper information. Apple LCD's are different circuitry and construction than a PC LCD.


How can I know the panel 's number?

Thank you!!!


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Jaume Bosch, in the example you presented in your question, there is a moment when the guy looks for the brand and model number (or Part Number (P/N)) of the display of his laptop. You need to do the same: disassemble the display and take note of the LCD display model number and brand.

With this info, get in contact with a seller that has the adapter kits (like the one refered by the author of the example you gave us: njytouch and check if they have a suitable adapter kit for that specific LCD display.

Hope this helps! Regards,

Miguel L. Martins

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Yes,please contact with NJYTOUCH:

We will help you find suit controller board kit

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