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Sorti en avril 2014. CPU - Quad-core 2,3 GHz Krait 400. GPU - Adreno 330. Affichage - IPS LCD , 16 millions de couleurs , Résolution - 1080 x 1920 pixels , 5,2 pouces . Mémoire interne - 16 Go , 3 Go de RAM . Android OS , v4.4.2 ( KitKat). D6502 , D6503 , D6543

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My Xperia z2 screen, proximity sensor, gyro, rotation sensor, noise c

My Xperia z2 having following problem

Suggest me parts

1. Glow mode of screen not working

2. Gyro compass , proximity, rotation sensors not working

3. On display 1 horizontal pixel line not working

4. Noise cancellation not working on headphone, headphone is good

Problem having in mobile

Please suggest me parts to replace not whole mobile :P

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I have the same problem about sensors and noise cancelation, what u did to fix them???

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I have the same problem about sensors and noise cancelation, what u did to fix them!? Also how to get the parts


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You would need a new logic board which might not be to easy to get a hold of as a sparpart but if you buy a broken phone where the logic board is not damaged it might get cheaper that is waht I did. I would try this first to see if the problems with the display go away if you change the logic board. If they remain then you would have to buy a new display. They are sold at many places like e.g. e-bay.

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