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Repair information for the Sony VAIO series laptop with model number PCG-91111M.

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Screen Display wont show!.

I turned on my laptop but then the display wont show only the light power button on. I tried to turn it off but the light power button still on and cant turn off so I had to remove the power cable. [THE DISPLAY IS NOT CRACKED OR BROKEN. IT JUST WONT SHOW AND NOT WORKING]

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Go to that site. Select your model, then put up the link to that webpage.


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1 solution

1. in order to test your laptop (graphic card) get a VGA-VGA cable and connect the laptop to your TV or a desktop monitor (hope that you have a TV that suports PC input) and start the laptop.

If there is no output on TV mabie you have a broken graphic card.

2. check the laptop's memory.

here you will have to poen your laptop and remove one dimm of memory (in case you have two) or if there is only one slot - with a module on, copy the details from it (memory module) and borrow a similare module to test if that is the problem.



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