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TV screeches and turns off

My TV just started screeching then kicked off. It will stay on for 5-10 minutes, making a high pitched sound and shut off. It is model number E601l-A3

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@mooney7 what model is your TV? What have you checked?


1080p full hd


@asumareh18 What does that mean? You will have to provide a proper make and model number and let us know what the problem is. 1080p full hd does not mean much at all.


My Phillip screen just started screeching then kicked off. It will stay on for 5-10 minutes, making a high pitched sound and shut off. It is model 273E3LHSB/00


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Debbie, According to the forum below, the power supply board contains the high voltage inverters, the biggest load on the power supply and will be the faulty power supply board that's causing the screeching and shutting down. There was also a recall on your model a few years ago. Check the attached links,instruction and guides, Good luck

I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.

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My Vizio E601i-A3 suffered the exact same problem "Loud noise, then TV shuts down" but replacing the power board did not fixed it. Replacing the Main Board solved my problem. I found this note after on which actually discussed my symptoms.

Vizio Y8385864S (01-60CAP001-00) Main Board (SEE NOTE!)

This part is compatible with all versions of E601i-A3 and E601i-A3E

This board may or may not have connectors at location CN13 and CN24. 01-60CAP001-00 and 864 is found on sticker.

IMPORTANT: If your TV has No Picture/No Video, this is likely caused by a bad T-con board, and NOT a bad main board.

Symptoms commonly caused by a bad main board in this model include

-No sound

-Loud noise, then TV shuts down

-HDMI inputs non-functional

-TV will not tune channels

-No internet connection

-Internet apps open and TV locks up

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Just had the same issue. After a while the TV would shut off and I'd get a high pitch squeal or a static noise. I replaced the power board first and that did not correct the issue. Replaced the main board and that fixed it. So if you TV is experiencing the same you may want to start with the main board.


Have older RCA that does this, it is fire hazard, will dispose of tv.


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A friend figured this out for me. Don't start with the power or main board replacement. I had the same problem and it ended up being the wireless network chip. If you put a laser thermometer up to it while the TV was running, before it started buzzing and blacks out, its waaay hotter than everything else. We just pulled the chip from the main board and everything works now(but with out wireless internet but I don't need that because I use a chromecast). After reading around online these wireless chips are common in many different devices and are know for causing issues. Its the chip on the main board closest to the red and white audio inputs and should have a wire/cable connected to it that the antenna. You can removed it with out soldering and it should say Antenna/Foxconn on it. It's easy to take off and doesn't cost anything so you may as well start with testing before trying anything else.

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after all try's and errors to fix that vizio tv i found this post. pull out the Wi-Fi chip and now the tv working flawlessly. Amazing


I also pulled the Wi-Fi chip and it also cured the problem - thanks for posting this solution - saved a couple hundred bucks!


Mike Thank You. I also had the same issue, I replaced the power supply board. And still had the same issue. After reading your solution I removed the Wifi IC and it fixed the issue. Thanks for posting this solution


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