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Released June 2014, identified by model number B051.

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I have a serious Problem

Hello I would like to know if there is a way to fix this but my beats solo² s460 stop working when it was playing audio and the device I was using to play it disconnected and the beats froze as soon as it disconnected it was stuck on a blue light and I held down the power button for approximately 10 secs but It was frozen

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2 solutions

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I've fixed it the buttons were shifted when I turned them on so the power knob wasn't touching the button to turn it off

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Hi Adain, I would give them a hardreset, If this doesn't work it's an indication that the issue may be hardware related and will need a technician to check soldering, plugs etc.

Press and hold the power button for 10 seconds.

Release the button.

The battery Fuel Gauge LEDs will all blink white, then the first will blink red—this sequence will happen three times.

When the lights stop flashing, the reset is complete.

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Didn't work thanks though


You could attempt to remove the battery and reset it that way.


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