Starter problems "clunk" one minute & flying saucer sound next.

Bought new battery, week later had to get a jump, starter making clunk sound. It only did that while temp was 50° to 60°. Started just fine when I waited till after 9am. So bought starter when I got paid and replaced it. And it didn work either, it made the flying saucer sound. Found the ground from starter to frame was loose and wouldn tighten down. Fixed it.

My question is,? Is there suppose to be continuity from ground on battery to both ignition switch and power out on solenoid. Even when key is on it shows continuity.

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Hi, Are you asking about a motor vehicle, ride on mower etc. problem ? If so what is the year, make and model of your vehicle/ mower etc.? You have posted your question showing a mobile phone as the problem .


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