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This HP laptop was released in 2014 and is pre-installed with Windows 8.1.

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Why is my laptop running so slow?

I’m trying to run basic programs like Chrome and iTunes but my laptop is running so slowly. What’s wrong with it?

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Keep in mind "Chrome" is not a "basic program". Chrome requires a lot of memory (RAM heavy). With 10 tabs opened on my computer, Chrome is taking almost 2gb of RAM.

Also, your laptop is using a mechanical hard drive (Which is super slow and old technology)! You should upgrade to a SSD hard drive:

500GB Drive:

1TB Drive:

Here's a video tutorial on how to upgrade your hard drive:

The repair difficulty would be a 6/10 but trust me, the upgrade it's totally worth it! Your computer will feel like a brand new machine!

Before switching the hard drive, make sure you backup your data to a USB (Like pictures, songs, documents, etc.) and make sure you have a Windows Key (Since you will need to re-install the Operating System again).

If you're unsure about all this, just go to where you bought your computer and see how much they will charge to install a SSD and setup the Operating System.

Best of luck!

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Hi Darryl,

Some programs require more memory than others do to open and run. If you have other programs currently running try closing them first before opening any new ones. Also, take a look at the troubleshooting guide for this laptop for additional help regarding this issue.

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