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First generation Bose SoundLink Mini released on July 1, 2013. The device weighs 1.5 pounds and has a Bluetooth range of 30 feet.

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Sound cuts out until I give it a nudge or smack.

After prolonged use, my mini soundlink will suddenly just go silent. It is always hooked up to its AC adaptor and at full charge. If I smack it, the sound instantly returns. I believe it to be a bad connection with the battery. If I pull the battery out and replace it, the sound won't cut out for a while longer. I don't want to drop the cash on a new battery if it's the connection between the speaker and the battery that is faulty.

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irktgreat this could be any connection. You'll have to take it apart and check for colder solder joints, cracked connections or lose wires. "if I pull the battery out and replace it, the sound won't cut out for a while longer." would not have any change when you "smack" it. This fault does not sound like a battery issue

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The reason I suspected the battery was because when the battery is removed, sound shuts off. If it's still plugged into AC, the soundlink stays on. Put the battery back in and the sound comes on instantly.


So you remove the battery but leave the AC connected, the sound turns off until you replace the battery. Then the sound returns? No sound with just AC?


Correct. It knows when the battery is out and won't produce a sound until it's replaced. But it stays on and Bluetooth remains connected while plugged into AC power.


I see that sounds like it goes into battery protection mode. That should be unrelated to you having to smack it. If it does go into protection mode than it is possible that you have a battery that does no longe hold a charge. Best way to prove that is by replacing the battery. Again, this should be unrelated to any tactile stimulation.


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