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10.1" tablet computer released in December 2011. Quad-core processor, wifi, GPS, and docking keyboard.

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Why doesn't my charing cord work

My charing cord suddenly stopped working all together after it was pulled hard out of my tablet. It seems to work on other devices, but for some reason it refuses to charge my tablet anymore

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Hi David,

If your charging cable will charge other devices, but not your Eee Pad, it's likely that your device itself is damaged. As you mentioned in the question, the charger was pulled out harshly, which can often damage the cable or the charging port on your device.

First, I would power down your device and take a look at the charging port. Clear debris out of the port if you see any; sometimes a small piece of plastic could break off and interfere with the connection. If that doesn't help, and if the port appears bent, you can attempt to bend it back into place (if this doesn't work, your port is probably broken, so there is no risk in trying to fix it).

If neither of these solutions work, you will probably need to replace the charging port on your device.

You can also check out more solutions to this issue on the Eee Pad Transformer Prime Troubleshooting Guide.

There isn't a repair guide that I've found on IFixit, but the page has the "student working on this page" flag, so there will probably be a guide posted soon.

Hope this helps!


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