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The fourth-generation Surface Pro tablet, released October 26th, 2015.

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How do you detach the NTrig board off of the screen/digitizer?

I've removed the (cracked) screen from my Surface Pro 4 and hope to replace it with a new screen I bought on eBay. Unfortunately, the new screen doesn't seem to have an NTrig board. Is it possible to remove that board off of the screen? Thanks!

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Does anyone know where to possibly get a new one of these NTrig daughterboards for the 4 Pro? I made the foolish mistake of throwing out the broken screen before checking to see if the replacement had one as well (have to stop assuming that parts stuck together mean they come that way), and now am SOL. I have searched on eBay and various parts vendors, and no one seems to have one. Thanks in advance!


Hi Andrew, I have just replaced my screen only to find that was not the problem with my Pro 4. What this means is I can only sell the parts of my Pro 4 now so I have a N Trig board if you still need it. Add a comment if you are interested and we'll work out some way to get in touch.


Paul, if you still have the N Trig board I may be interested in buying it from you. Email me at svcguy%sbcglobal*net.


Hi Andy, yes I still have the NTrig board. I think your email in your message got corrupted so I can't email you.


Just replace the % with @ and the * with .


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Turns out the NTrig board is--you guessed it--GLUED to the back of the screen.

Removing it took three steps:

  1. Use the Spudger tool to pop off the connectors holding the two ribbon cables
  2. Gently pull out the ribbon cables using tweezers
  3. Slowly and gently slide one of ifixit's blue pics under the NTrig board

The board should have completely come off. You should be able to use the exist glue or 3M Double-Sided Adhesive Tape to re-attach the board onto the replacement screen.

NOTE: Re-attaching the ribbon cables to the NTrig board is very easy to mess up. My initial attempt resulted in the touchscreen not working. Reseating the ribbon cables on the NTrig board fixed the issue.

So be sure to test out touch functionality on the new display (by connecting the two ribbon cables on the screen to the motherboard's cables) before gluing it back on the chassis.

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