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How to clean corroded battery in nikon sb600

how to clean a corroded battery compartment for the sb 600

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zaw, Try this to clean the contacts on your flash. The best commonly available thing to clean the camera battery corroded contacts with is distilled vinegar and Q tip/cloth/small brush then very light polish with extra fine steel wool or an ink eraser on a pen, followed by a little 90% isopropyl alcohol on a clean cloth. Then dry the contacts with a dry clean cloth. You want to avoid using a cloth that will leave lint/dust behind. Finish by blowing out with a can of compressed air to get rid of any fibers or grit from polishing. Check the attached links,instruction and guides, Good luck.

I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.

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Thanks. Was so hard to find a good solution and Nikon wants almost $200 to fix. Did the steps you described and got both of my flashes working again. Won't leave the batteries in the flash again.


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Vinegar?? Nope. Acetic acid reacts with metal - slowly but it reacts. Use some CRC contact cleaner. It's plastic safe. Small can says electrical grade, plastic safe lots of places sell it...

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I'm sorry, but Vinegar is a huge YEP!

I had a very stuck door, tried various methods and then went for the vinegar.

The key is to use VERY hot vinegar - just shy of boiling. I used a syringe and needle to force inject around the edges and waited a few minutes. I took a tool to pry the door and Bam! It slid open. Messy, ugly and rough, yes - worked fabulously with no damage to flash.

After opening the case and prying out the terribly corroded batteries, I used more hot vinegar to scrub contacts, filed of what I could and after a finish wipe down with alcohol, drying and new batteries, all is well. I saved hundreds of dollars with vinegar!

Don't listen to the vinegar protesters, vinegar WORKS GREAT. I know because I just did it. Remember the key is HOT vinegar and injecting under the cover + patience. Vinegar also removes limescale on anything - as long as it's too hot to touch comfortably. Soak it, spray it or wipe it on - it's a miracle substance if you know how to use it!


Batteries in my SB-600 corroded years ago. I tried cleaning it then and it did not work. I am slow to surrender equipment I like so I set it aside for over a year. Today I was going to give it up and put it in the trash. I paused, did a google search, found y’all, tried suggestion of cleaning with vinegar, alcohol, and Q-tip....and, it WORKS!!!!

Thank y’all!!!


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I have a Nikon SpeedLight SB-700 that I’ve had for years. During a recent shoot, it went dead after the first flash. I had light corrosion around one of the battery contacts, but nothing that looked like it would impede the current of the battery. But it definitely was. I tried alcohol on the contacts followed by pencil eraser, but no luck.

Here’s how I was able to fix it:

1) Lightly rubbed the contacts with a 2cm x 2cm square of 120 grit sandpaper and taped to the end of a rounded pencil eraser.

2) Spray a light amount of CRC Contact Cleaner using the red straw-nozzle on each of the battery contacts.

3) Dry the battery compartment with a bit of compressed air. (I used an air compressor so I tried to be gentle with the air, so as to dry the contacts and any residual contact cleaner, but not to dislodge anything inside the flash body.)

That did the trick! 4 fresh Alkaline batteries and voila! I’ve fired about 10 1/1 bursts and everything seems to be working just fine!

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