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La deuxième génération de Corvair avec une suspension améliorée et un nouveau style de corps a été commercialisée en 1965. Sa conception avec moteur arrière refroidi par air est similaire à celle des Volkswagen Coccinelle ou Porsche.

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Why won't my engine turn over

Was running my 65 corvair 110 engine for about 20 minutes when I came to a red light and as I slowed to stop the car shuts down, went to start it up but it won't even turn over,,why?

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Hi, Do you get a 'clicking' sound when you turn on the ignition? Have you checked the battery cables to see if they are tight? What have you checked?


Yes,it just makes a clicking sound.First I checked the battery( it's good), then I checked my starter by jumping it (it ingaged fine), then I thought it might be on a flatspot, so I went to turn the engine by hand but I couldn't get it to turn , even after taking plugs out. It was only when I took the starter out that the solenoid broke into pieces(I'm hoping that's the problem) I'm on my way to getting a replacement


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1. Your battery is dead and needs replacing. -- Replace battery

2. Your battery is simply dead because your generator/alternator has gone bad and is not charging the battery. -- Replace generator/alternator and charge battery.

3. Your starter solenoid has gone bad and will not activate the starter. -- Replace starter solenoid.

4. Your battery cables are loose or have corrosion build up and are not allowing the battery to charge or provide power to the other components. -- Clean and tighten battery cables.

5. Your battery has a very low level of acid/water mix inside and is not charging or providing power. -- Add distilled water to top up fluid inside the battery.

6. Your vehicle (if it has an automatic transmission) is not in "Park" or "Neutral"...or...if it is a stick shift, the clutch must be depressed to start. (Not sure they had this safety feature in 1965). -- Place vehicle in "P" or "N" or depress the clutch and attempt to start.

and last and by far the worst,

7. You have encountered an invisible cloud of Killacar radiation. -- You must push your car clear of this cloud before it will start. ;-) jk

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Javier, If the new starter does not correct the problem after you change it, you may have to dig a little deeper. I read in your comments that you removed the spark plugs and proceeded to try and turn the engine over by hand and could not. It is possible for the starter drive to have been stuck out/broken locking the flywheel/engine from turning but unusual. When you remove the broken starter verify engine turns over by hand, if it does not, the engine is seized and internal damage will be present needing attention/rebuild or replacement engine. This may explain why the car quit at the red light. Good luck.

I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.

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