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This is the Acer Chromebook launched in 2014 and uses the ChromeOS. The model number is CB3-111-C670 .

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I have intermittent wifi connection

The wifi on my chromebook was working perfectly until a day it disconnected and stopped recognizing the wireless card, showing up that it was disabled.

Now from time to time the wifi comes back and forth.

Would it be possible that a cable is loose ? Or is it a software issue? If anyone has the same problem I'd be glad to hear from you.

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first i think, you sholud check the driver wifi in device manager

control panel -> system and security ->device manager

try to update your wifi driver

device manager->right click->update driver

or download driver package in device support website

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The thing is that I'm not using windows, but chrome os, which was the installed software as I bought it. The WiFi isn't showing any network even after a reboot and a hardware reset. It comes back randomly.



im sorry i think your device is acer windows


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