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The LG 37LG10-UM is a LCD TV with a screen size of 37.0 in and display format 720p

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How do I replace the LED panel on my TV?

the led display panel on my tv is cracked and I need to know how to replace it and where to find the part. Any and all answers are greatfully welcomed!

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How do I replace the led panel for a LG 49UM7300PUA


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Ari Wolfe looks like the panel is an AUO (Qisda) T370XW02. LG part number is COV30057201 and/or Qisda 5F.MUMV0.031. Difficult to find but places like this do have them from time to time. As you can see the panel cost pretty much the same as a replacement TV. If you still want to work on it, here are the disassembly instructions 37LG10 disassembly

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@oldturkey03 can you find me the panel for a 32" HP Envy with Beats?


@joshw did you tear it apart yet? what does the manufacturer label on the back of the panel say:-)?


Not yet. I need to do that soon.


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