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Repair guide for the Logitech Anywhere Mouse MX.

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Red light blinking (1 long and then three short times fast)


I have problem with my mouse Logitech MX anywhere.

Red light blinking and unifying adapter does not recognize it on my Windows 10.

Unifying software try to connect, but in the moment when switch mouse on, leave information that could not connect to device and retry button.

Red light blinking (1 long and then three short times).

I also try on OS X. Same problem.

Thanks in advance

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When it blinks for me with a red light then I need to change the batteries. Also have the same mouse.

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Have you or a friend of yours have another Unifying receiver, so you could check if the receiver could be broken or the mouse? Or have you connected any other Unifying device to your computer?


Hello Claes,

Thank you for your response. I've already tried. Unfortunately, this is not a problem in my case. Unifying software fails to match the device. I tried with new batteries and cleaning the battery contacts. I hope you have another idea?

Thanks in advance!


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I tried disassembling mine one time. I noticed the same led lighting pattern when I tried switching the device on without connecting the cable attached to the laser sensor. So, it’s possible that some part of the laser sensor assembly on your device might not be working properly or somehow the cable might have come loose.

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