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Which hard drive to upgrade to

I have a 200G HD which is the slower rpm model. I primarily use my MacBook for photography shooting RAW. Each photo is 12 to 25 megabytes, so I want a HD with more capacity. Does the speed matter? I like the 640 5400 and the 500GB 7200, but do not know how to make a decision of which to use. Any suggestions? Is one more reliable than the other?

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I had no noticeable improvement when I put a 7200rpm drive in my MacBook. I think more RAM, and higher capacity HD, is more useful, as rab pointed out.

As for reliability, all brands of drives fail about the same. I have had two fairly new 500gb laptop drives fail, so doing regular backups is an absolute necessity. Time Machine is your friend here, though if you're using Lightroom or Entourage you should deal with their data using something else and exclude them from the TM backup.

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It shouldn't really matter, however it depends on what you want more, space or every last little bit of speed, RPM doesn't matter as much as having a good processor or enough RAM, however it adds a little onto the overall speed of the machine. I suggest you also factor in price- maybe you want to save that $20. It basically comes down to which factors are most important to you.

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I have 4 G of ram and the 2.4G duo core. If the speed is not really a big factor I would probably opt for reliability.


They're both going to be equally reliable, so I'd say go with the higher capacity since you're good for speed.


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