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Why is replacing the LED screen rated very difficult?

Rated Very Difficult because of the number of steps? Special skill/experience needed? I've installed my own RAM and replaced my keyboard, and now I'm wondering whether to try the LED replacement or plunk down the cash for a new laptop.

Thanks in advance for the help!

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It is difficult, when compared to some other manufactures for replacing the LCD.

You have isight camera cable, + the other ribbon cables, power cables, antenna cables, tiny connectors that can break etc.

Take your time is the best thing I can say I guess.......

The reassembly.........This should take you a long time too. Something in the wrong place can be bad. (pinching a cable into the frame etc)

Make sure and have good quality tools........I use Wiha ESD model tools not expensive if buying what you need

......use small paper dixie cups with numbers on them for each step of the process, to hold the screws etc.......this will make your life easier.

A work space with a lot of direct bright light and space......

Thats about it i guess.....

This site's dedicated to doing your own repair so I can't really say if you should or not.

If it's not something your comfortable doing and you don't have the tools for, maybe not?

If you can sell something on ebay, if you mess it up, it wouldn't be the end of the world, sell the parts on ebay or put it back together and sell it online or locally.

and of course make sure the LCD screen is the problem if you haven't already.

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the number of steps, the fragility of the connectors, the ease of breaking if not reassembled carefully.

If replacing RAM has a difficulty rating of 1 then replacing an LCD is at least a 10.

Not a place for DIY to start. Sounds like you can read and follow directions and enough skills not to intimidated or flummoxed by replacing an LCD screen.

Remember to return and mark accepted the answer that best solves your problem.

Good luck,


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Replacing the LCD screen itself is certainly a 10. I'd say replacing the entire LCD assembly, however, is an 8 or so. Providing you're extremely careful when disconnecting and re-connecting the connectors, and that you're patient and follow the instructions/guide to a "T" and do not rush things, you might be able to do the repair without causing further damage. I would opt to replace the entire assembly if you have the extra cash up-front. Then, sell your old assembly for parts to someone who is more skilled who can replace the actual LCD at a later time.

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