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The Samsung Gear S, model number SM-R750, is a smart watch which pairs with your Android smart phone. The Samsung Gear S was released in October 2014.

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Can you replace the case.


looking at the pictures, can you replace the case on my gear s. It has broken such that I cannot attach the charger.

Many thanks.

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I also have this problem


Just replaced it with a body from aliexpress! Don't know about the seal between body and screen.


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Here's one source for parts:

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I have been using the tape method and a rubber band method too. Now my battery doesn't hold a charge all day. I'm good to get six hours from it.

I'm thinking about another watch. Any suggestions on brand.


Buddy that kind of depends on what you use the watch for. One size does not fit all.


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I've had my GearS since 2014, and I love it. Not only does it do everything it is meant to do, it does it well, and it is still a great conversation starter!

But a half a year ago, the little plastic band on the back of the device that clips on to the charger, broke off. I would guess that's what happened to yours too.

I did not find a way to repair it, but I did find a simple fix tha actually works:

First, attach your charger to the mains, so you know it has power.

then, gently slide the device in place over the charger and listen for the beep that tells you that they are connected. Hold the two device together with one hand (index finger and thumb above and below the screen, third finger at the back of the charger.

Finally, with your free hand, pull approximately thre inches of Scotch tape from a table dispenser, (I prefer the 3M magic invisible) and simply stick the two pieces together, passing the tape from the back of the charger, across he face of the clock to the opposite side of the charger.

The whole operation takes about five seconds, and works every time! When charging is completed, the tape comes off easily and leaves no trace.

Like I said; it is no repair, but it gets the job done!

Best regards

Gotmar Rustad


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I use a clamp……………..

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