Bad Video BGA on my MacBook Pro 17" A1212?

It chimes. It can reset PRAM. I have reset the SMC several times.

If I try to boot with an OS X Installer on DVD via the internal optical drive, an external optical drive, or a USB drive, I get a blank screen.

I will see the rotating gear icon and the Apple logo, but when they disappear, I will see a blank, white, screen for OS X Installers. I tried loading Bootable Utilities for Mac (2.2.0) and saw a sky-blue, but blank, screen after the Apple logo and rotating gear icon disappeared.

The only program I have been able to load and run is MemTest86 (6.3.0). No errors.

Looks like I have a variant of the bad BGA video chip that plagued the 15" siblings. I have yet to test this 17" Macbook Pro with external video.

Looking forward to the feedback.

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What system are you trying to install?


Trying with Lion (10.7). Snow Leopard (10.6) later, perhaps.


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