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The Sennheiser RS 120 is an RF wireless headphone system with open, supra-aural headphones.

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Right ear only works when volume dial is in juuuuust right place

The left ear sounds fine, so I'm confident it's not a tuning issue. But the right ear only works if the volume dial is in one VERY specific place. Which, of course means I have no control over the volume if I want to hear in both ears. If the volume dial is not in the right spot I just get static. Halp!

Any ideas?

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I've been using these headphones for over 10+ years and had some annoying noise regularly that I was able to mitigate by moving the tuning and volume wheel a bit. Recently the noise became unmanageable and made me realize it was the volume potentiometer that caused the problem all this time, I don't know why I didn't think about this earlier.

After unmounting the cover and applying some isopropyl alcolhol on the tuning and volume potetiometers things significantly improved. The noise is completely gone at first, but after some time I had to go back fiddling with the volume wheel again.

So I think I'll try replacing the volume wheel potentiometer altogether.

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@diacritic. Your diagnosis is probably correct. The pot needs replacing. Good luck finding a replacement and fitting it without damaging the extremely delicate PCB.

The same thing is likely to happen with the tuning pot. When it does, the tuning shoots off to one end of the frequency range. As a result, there is no received signal, or sometimes just a distorted signal.

The potentiometers are of very poor quality and not really suitable for this application..


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The volume and tuning controls are of poor quality and soon become noisy. This is a likely cause of the problem. You could try applying some aerosol switch cleaner directly to the control. You may be able to squirt it in through the gap in the case. Otherwise you need to dismantle it. It may not work and may damage something else. Replacing the tiny potentiometer is very difficult, even if you can find a matching one.

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