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This LG Android device was released in October of 2015. The model number of the device used to create these guides is LG-VS990.

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after flash , my phone not power, no download mode, qualccom 9008 mode

after flash my lg v10 h960a with lgup, no power on, no mode download , the file kdz is for h960(64gb) and my phone the model is h960a(32gb). to connect my phone on pc in divice administrator i see qualcoom 9008. please , can you help me?

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i flash a wrong kdz on my lg-h901 now no power on , no download mode connect my phone on pc in divice administrator i see qualcoom 9008 pls sir

help me i really love this phone i don't have money to buy a new one for now


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Power off your device

Download lg bridge install it and launch it click on software update

Now press volume up and connect ur v10 to ur pc it will get into the download mode now flash it with correct tot or kdz

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I would recommend installing a new system.

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