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Model M2453 or M6411 / 300, 366, or 466 MHz G3 processor

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What would cause no sound?

I purchased a Mac Clamshell laptop on ebay so that my 6 year old can play our many old CD-rom games which do not work on the newer Mac operating systems. However, it has no sound (not much fun for a six year old gaming).

The seller did disclose that the sound did not work, but I purchased it in hopes that the sound worked with headphones. It does not work with either the internal laptop speakers or headphones.

Any suggestions as to what the problem may be? Once I know what the problem is, I am quite confidant that I will be able to fix the sound due to the great guidance of the tutorials.

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I guess it could be a logic board issue if the speakers and the audio port don't work. For a more recent Mac model my advice would be to buy a iMic USB dongle that would give you a in/out audio port but I don't now if it would work with the clamshell G3 who only has the USB 1.0 technology.

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Do you think it could it be as simple (and cheap) as the "iBook Clamshell Speaker Cable" (which connects the speaker units to the logic board)? Or would this only account for the speakers not working? Since both speakers and headphones do not work--means logic board????


It could also be a system software issue. You could reinstall the system or boot from another source and check if the sound works. If not then try to replace the speaker cable. If nothing works then the logic board would be the culprit.


Thanks, I bought it used, and was not given software with it. I will try the speaker cable (since that is a cheap fix) first. If I replace the logic board, will I need to reinstall the system software? Is this available from ifixit? I haven't checked yet? If all else fails and I do need to replace to logic board, is it possible to replace an existing 366mHz with 466mHz, or would this not be of benefit? Would this "snowball" causing me to need to replace other things?


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