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Repair your Dyson DC 14 vacuum cleaner with a part replacement guide.

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Reassembly of brush orientation

I quarter turned the screws and exposed the roller brush to remove built up pet hair.

When I reassembled it, the DYSON DC14 turns on but the brush roller won't rotate and their is no bottom suction.

The extended wand has suction all of the time but not the power head.

I may have disoriented the endcaps on the roller bar and would like to know proper placement.

Also, why no suction there now and how do I fix that?

Debra R

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ruthdebra55 , Sounds like the hose/channel to the power head may be plugged, remove power head brush and see if suction port clogged and also make sure canister is locked into position correctly. Find below a guide on the power head that shows orientation. Good luck.

I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.

Changement rouleau-brosse Dyson DC14

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No clogs (anywhere), proper assy (thanks for that) and still brush does not rotate.

It rotates manually without any extra tension and the belt seems fine.


ruthdebra55 , Thanks for replying back. Just a thought are you turning the brush control to the on position? There are 2 belts that drive the brush, the brush belt and the clutch belt. I will post a video showing how to change both belts along with a link to your manual for the DC14 which shows how/where to check when loss suction. Good luck.


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