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Released 2008, identified by model number DC24.

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My vacuum is very, very loud

I have replaced the the brush thing and a hose that had a hole in it. But it is still very loud.

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After emptying my Hoover yesterday I switched it back on and it sounded so raw and so loud ... I checked the fan belt and the brushes.... Why has it suddenly become so loud i wonder. ....h e l p !


Mines doing the same thing but screeching noise here and there, might be just the old age.


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@emess117 , Eileen, There could be a few reasons for your vacuum making more noise then usual, Recheck the canister/filters for proper installation and the brush head assy. also for brush/belts installed properly. I posted a couple links below that may help you trouble shoot the noise and then replace/repair the faulty part. If still under warranty contact Dyson last link below, for parts/repair/replacement/refund. Good luck.

I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.

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It sounds like the HEPA filter inside the ball - if the rubber seal is no longer fitting tightly it allows air to flow through the gap, creating the howling noise. A new seal should fix it (from ptlkmxyz).


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