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Annoncé en juillet 2015, voici le téléphone phare de Motorola. Il est doté d'une caméra de 21 mégapixels, d'un écran PS TFT LCD Quad HD de 5,7 pouces avec une résolution de 1440 sur 2560 pixels. Numéros de modèle : XT1570, XT1579, XT1575 and XT1578.

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display is blocking and bisected after screen replacement

I dropped my moto x pure and the glass cracked and the digitizer went out. I bought a replacement screen from an online vendor. I disassembled the phone and replaced the frame, lcd and digitizer and when I power the phone back on I immediately get a boot screen that is bisected or "blocked".

Half displays fine and half is ghost lines etc. The screen will go all the way through boot and the digitizer appears to work but I can't get any further because the I'm locked out and I can't access have off the pattern I need to draw to unlock the phone.

Now here's where it gets weird. When I installed the broken screen back in which was displaying just fine previously it now also is bisected and "blocking"

This leads me to the conclusion that I may have a loose connection? I went back and checked all of them and they all appear to be seated with no bent pins.

Anybody else experienced this - anybody have any solutions?

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hola , tengo el mismo problema que comentaste , le pudiste dar solucion.gracias


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