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Coolpad 3300A is an affordable smartphone that is manufactured by Coolpad Group Limited. The Coolpad 3300A was released in 2015 for under $150.

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Why it won't D/l PlayStore

Google Playstore would not open(previously installed), so deleted it and tried to re-install. Said it D/l but wouldn't install/open... What next?

Update (02/05/2017)


I've 'fixed" the phones problem. Actually, I let it "fix" itself by doing a 'hard reset' then simply D/l all apps again and, so far, all is back to normal. Should have thought of that first!!! Oh, well



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Just say download, it is much less confusing.


Thanks for sharing this info.


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Rick, got your query and i can help you with that,

Some of the Android Users are Facing issues with Google play Store update. You can easily solve it by getting the latest version of the Google Play Store on your Android manually.

For reference you check this source:

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Not sure what you mean by D/I (is it download /install?)

Try downloading the Play Store.apk file to a computer, then transferring it over to the tablet, either to the external SD card or the internal storage.(remember the location). Enable the Unknown Sources (Allow installation of apps from unknown sources) option in the Security Section of the Settings menu ( it may be somewhere else in the Settings area of your device), then use a File Manager app to install the app by finding and tapping on the file.

Remember to disable the Unknown Sources option when you are finished so as to protect your device.

Here is a link.

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Hey Jayeff:

Thanks for responding. I'll take a look at the link you provided. Hopefully, the info will do the trick. I shouldn't be too concerned with the performance of this phone...after all, it is the bottom-of-the-line. But was curious as to the sudden failure of the app to open, then not re-install. It 'said" it downloaded (D/l) but I couldn't find it anywhere on the phone(?).

Stay Sharp:



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