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Released in August 2016, the DTEK50 is the second handheld launched by BlackBerry on the Android platform after the PRIV.

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Alcatel one Touch Idol 4 digitizer used on a dtek50?

Good evening,

DTEK50 digitizers are quite difficult to find.

Since the DTEK5 is essentially a rebranded Alcatel one touch idol 4, could those screens fit on a dtek50 ? The connectors appear to be the same and the dimensions + screen resolution seem to be identical.


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I would think seeing they come off the same assembly line they should have interchangeable parts . I would give it a shot there not expensive but if the connector doesn't mate with ease I would not force the issue just in case. This is my opinion and it may not be correct but hey I'd try.

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I contacted a few suppliers to have the flex cables' length, just to compare with a DTEK50 cadavre I have . I had found one supplier, but he could not support the demand. And the price was almost double. Thanks for the advice mate.



After testing an alcatel idol 4 digitizer on a dtek50, I can confirm this is a 100% compatible match. Thanks @jimfixer


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Hi guys is the lcd for the alcatel idol 4 also compatible with the dtek50? emergency!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Yes, it is the same part. Tested from 3 different suppliers with the same result. It's positive, the part number on the idol 4 digitizer matches the original one extracted from a dtek50.


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