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the Dell Dimension 3000 was a mid-range desktop from 2004. it shipped with 2 GBs of ram and your choice of a Pentium 4, 4 HT, or Celeron.

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cpu fan stops turning

My cpu cooling fan needs a manual boost to start turning. What will a remedy be.

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Herman Moothery , If you find yourself having to prod the fan to get it to spin, replace the CPU fan as it is sticking and probably faulty/worn out, new fan is inexpensive insurance to keep the CPU cool. Link below is just an example of a new fan that can be purchased, you can also do a search for perhaps better pricing. Good luck.

I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.

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It depends, some CPU's do not get hot in standby so the fan does not start turning until a specific degree of tempreature is reached. Then it is normal. But if the Fan is older then I would just buy a new CPU fan and then you can also choose to get a more quit version. There are a lot of CPU coolers out there.

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