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How can I repair gouges in an ABS plastic kayak?

Bought a demo kayak with a few deep gouges. What materials do I need to repair them and what procedure should I follow?

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Barb Wiginton , If not too deep, they can be sanded out starting with a medium wet sand paper working through to a very fine paper and finish by polishing. A headlight restoration kit can work well in removing scratches and can be inexpensive. See links below for more info. Good luck.

I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.

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Bill, will this work on thermoformed boats as well as the rotomolded type you worked on, I believe the thermoformed boats are an abs material. It is quite a bit thinner than rotomold best inflatable kayaks, but lighter and some what similar in strength, but would suffer a bit more in rock gardening.
Just wondering if the tarp material would stick, and be a good keel reinforcer.
any info would be helpful, Thx!
P.S. This repair looks easy and strong! Very cool!

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