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Launched in spring of 2014, the OnePlus One packs a 5.5" display and runs the Android-based CyanogenMod 12S operating system. Model "ONE A0001."

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No Cell Signal Anymore?

Recently my cell signal on my OnePlus One has been getting worse and worse and finally today I cannot get any. No Service is all it says. I have tried..

-Toggling Airplane Mode

-Switching Sim Cards

-Installing Oxygen OS FRESH as well as CM12 FRESH

-Wiped Cache

Nothing seems to work so I am certain it is hardware. Does anyone know how to test the antenna hardware or where to obtain a replacement attenna?

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if the signal is deteriorating, there is a possibility of the antennas or the coaxial cables inside the phone failing. Coaxial cables are a quick replacement component, however, the board antennas are a soldering job. i would suggest having experience soldering before attempting it.

besides this, the issue could also be the networking chipset. if this chipset is failing, the repair is likely not worth the trouble, as hiring a technician to do this repair would get extremely costly

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Is there a way to test the coax cables for the quick replacement?


unfortunately i work mostly trial and error at my shop, because we have everything in stock. you can test the continuity to make sure there is a full electrical connection between start to finish, but there i usually just swap em out and see if they work.

Checking continuity is done with a multimeter on the setting that looks like a diode symbol. it should beep if there is not a cold circuit. That being said, fraying and shorts can also cause issues picking up the circuit. this will not be caught by the continuity test.


Hey Scott thanks for the comment! So update I replaced the daughterboard and the coax cable and still have no service. BUT When I go outdoors I get pretty good signal. Very strange. It seems that the antenna or something has become weakened and not as strong? Any ideas on that?


if both these things are new in the phone, and we are assuming they are functional parts, and the signal is still having issues. then most likely you are having a motherboard failure. in all honesty, i rarely have worked on these devices for signal issues, so i would not be able to give you component layouts for this specific phone.

1) you could be having signal receiver failures.

-These are Little gold components with a black center. (Resembles the connectors of the coax, with minor varience) These components are surface mounted usually near the coax connectors. occasionally, reflowing the solder around these components can fix signal strength issues.

2) you could have a circuit component blown. (be it filters, capacitors, inductive coils, i could not tell you)

3) your broadband processor could also be failing. (This component prcesses the singnal you are receiving.)


All three of the above repairs, are dangerous to attempt without excessive practice, as the wrong amount of heat in the wrong spot for the wrong amount of time can cause irreparable failure.


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I had mobile network failure on my cellphone that would last for hours per day on a Oneplus 7T, which was only 10.5 months old. No cellphone calls, texting and data internet. I sent it in for repair and the following was done to it and it now works….

”Antenna FPC OnePlus 7T, Sub-board, RF cable black, Battery pull tape, Back cover adhesive, Mainboard bracket adhesive(left), Mainboard bracket adhesive(right), Speaker double-sided adhesive and Mainboard US 8+128 OnePlus 7T. “

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