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LG Treasure Smartphone Model Number: LGL52VL Release date: April 2016

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How do I direct dial?

I belong to our fire dept. and I need to direct dial to to respond to a call. How do I set it up? Any help would be appreciated. Thank You!

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When you say "I need to direct dial to to respond to a call", I'm assuming you mean this:

"Here's how it works: After receiving a dispatch notification through any existing dispatch system, responders either press one button on IamResponding's free apps, or speed dial a pre-programmed toll-free number on any phone. This whole process takes mere seconds, at most" (see

So you can either download the Android app from the Google Play store and follow these directions for using the app from IamResponding:

Or you can set up speed dial to IamResponding's toll-free number using this guide:

If this isn't what you meant by "direct dial" please let me know.

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My LG Treasure has a direct dial widget on the phone. I'm wondering how to use it?


Look at page 62. This is for a different LG phone, but I couldn't find anything on the Treasure and direct dialing. Hopefully, the process is the same.


Thank You Tim! It worked!


Good to hear. Feel free to accept my answer to close out your question.


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