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How to service a vintage Mixmaster

Purchased 2 vintage Sunbeam Mixmaster Model 10 and Model 12. Both run but a strong chemical/burning smell is emitted. Has anyone serviced one of these machines and if so what type of grease / oil did you use. thank you

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What if a model 10 leaks oil, but runs and sounds fine otherwise?


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You can get free maintenance manual pages here:

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thanks for the link


What if a Sunbeam Mixmaster leaks oil from the beaters but runs smooth and sounds great otherwise?


Eileen See @oldturkey03 Oldturkey03 post below


Thanks for having posted this. I ordered one of the Sunbeam Mixmaster manuals for the models MMA, 1-8B, etc. from this website and the manual is incredible.


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@terryasks Mixmaster grease is no longer available, but a good grade of high temperature automotive wheel bearing grease will work. Use only the best oil you can find, 'turbine oil' or Slick50™ engine treatment will work well. Great information from here.

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thank you, very helpful


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