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The Dyson V6 Motorhead Vacuum is a lightweight, cordless vacuum. It easily converts for handheld cleaning using a simple dirt bin instead of replaceable trash bags.

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Replace vacume tube ends

I need to temporary remove the ends from my Dyson handheld vacume metal tube to fit into my suitcase

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@cyprus , Richard , Check for any plastic caps/collar that could be covering attaching screws or rivets that could be removed to get ends off. I think the ends look to be hot pressed on or epoxied and are not meant to be removed. If you want to chance it, you could try heating up the plastic collars with a heat gun and turning/pulling off(may take great effort) and then epoxy back on if needed(no guarantee). The other solution would be to cut tube in half with hacksaw and rejoin with rubber joiner(as used in plumbing) and clamps of appropriate size. Good luck.

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