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Receiving volume but no picture.

I have power to Television and I receive volume but no picture on screen.

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The power on button lights up like it's supposed to when turning on and off.


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@bonniemdavila start off by telling us what are the front panel LED's are doing. Let us know if you turn the TV on and press the MENU button on the TV remote if the menu display normally. check to see if the lamp indicator is displaying normal. Let us know if in a darkened room with the TV on you see a faint glow on or around the screen. This all is to determine if your DLP board or your main board is at fault. It will help if you tell us what you have already checked.

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I have checked the menu display doesn't show up in a darkened room and I see a glowing light in the front of the screen in a darkened room.


in the same darkened state see if you can see light on the lamp side at the rear panel. If so, it is very possible that your mainboard has failed. I'd replace that first.


which board can you lets know if you have picture for this please post it


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