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Released in 2014, the Samsung WB350F has a 21x zoom and impressive wifi capabilities.

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Why does my camera scroll through the menu?

My camera continually scrolls through the menu when I turn it on and when I push the button to take a picture. Often, even when I push the button to take a picture, I cannot take the picture because the camera is scrolling through the menu, and this is visible on the display.

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I have the same problem.


Camera constantly scrolls.


It's a great camera except it continues to scroll preventing taking a picture.


Same problem, and Samsung can’t even help… even though it says right on the box “PLEASE STOP AND READ CAREFULLY: If you experience technical when operating your Samsung digital camera or if the camera is not working properly, please contact the Samsung technical support center for assistance. PLEASE DO NOT RETURN THE PRODUCT TO THE STORE WHERE IT WAS PURCHASED. Our expert technical support team will evaluate the problem and provide the service your product requires. Please call 1-800-SAMSUNG (726-7864).” I called and was transferred to a guy who didn’t even know that technical support was SUPPOSED to deal with cameras. (*rolls eyes*)


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Found this:

Temporary fix for a manufacturing defect.

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Basically, you just put a few drops of isopropyl alcohol around the base of the functions dial and then you work the alcohol in by turning the dial (switching functions) for about 30 + seconds. Be sure to TAKE OUT YOUR BATTERY FIRST and decharge the camera after taking the battery out by pressing on the on/off button a few times.

All this does is clean out the dial, and the camera works again. It is a temporary fix. But at least it works.


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Використовував цю інструкцію для розбирання Remplacement de l'écran du Samsung WB350F

Потім змочив у спирті ватну паличку і вставив у сервісний отвір

Block Image

Після чого провертав колесо “Меню” проти годинникової стрілки 30-60 секунд.

Після даної процедури, збоїв не спостерігаю вже близько пів року.

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This fixes the problem of broken buttons for the menu, not the above problem of the dial.


на фото червоними стрілками вказано, де треба чистити.


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