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The Acer Aspire E1 series is a line of notebook laptops manufactured and sold by Acer, Inc., an electronics corporation based in New Taipei City, Taiwan. The Acer Aspire E1 series was introduced in 2012.

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Laptop won't recognize my phone

My acer aspire one won't recognize my iPhone and iPod

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Hey Joe in order to further assist you can you please provide me the information. What are you trying to do with the device. EX upload music factory restore ect. Thanks

Stephen T.

Professional Repair Tech for Over 5 years

Samsung and Apple Specialist


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Hello Joe

How has your day / night been?

If you want to backup or sync (copy files) to your iphone or ipod you will need to download and install itunes (linked below).

If you don't want to use itune you can use another program called ifunbox but it doesn't have some of the features that itunes has but is lighter of a program.

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