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The Apple TV is a digital media receiver designed by Apple and released on March 21, 2007

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Updating Apple TV 1 with a SSD drive

I want to update my Apple TV 1 with a SSD drive so I can install the unit in my garage. The unit has a 460 hd in it now, and it is starting to fail (sometimes) on start-up. What PATA is recommended for this change over?

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  1. First you need a mSATA to PATA adapter. On Amazon, search for item B01F9XT6HU
  2. Then you need an mSATA drive. On Amazon, simply search for 'mSATA drive' and select one that fits your needs
  3. Follow the iFixit guide to change the hard drive: Apple TV 1st Generation Hard Drive Replacement
  4. Follow this guide to reinstall the operating system: Restore Apple TV Gen1 OS after erasing disk

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@pccheese, @mayer, @oldturkey03 -- Is it possible to do something about the automated spam bot? I can't properly help some of these questions since I can't post a direct link for necessary parts on Amazon or Ebay.


@avanteguarde that is interesting. Just checked your rep and it does not look like iRobot busted any of your links as spam. Can you send me a copy of the link to my email (click on my avatar for address) so I can forward to the iFixit peeps?


@avanteguarde, I was hit quite hard the other day by iRobot, but I noticed it didn't discount reputation for anything but comments. However, I was using phone numbers, not websites. Try putting the links in [brackets] so ifixit recognizes it as a link.


@pccheese yes, the brackets still are marked as spam. I tried to respond to @oldturkey03 here in the comments, but it is immediately blocked :-(

@oldturkey03, any Amazon item link triggers the spam block.


@avanteguarde @pccheese thank you for letting us know. I forwarded a request to the "Grand Poobah's" to check into this. Check up on here to see what the outcome is.


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