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A point and shoot camera manufactured in 2015 by Nikon.

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My lens is stuck all the way out!

My lens is stuck all the way out it keeps telling me to put the cover back on and shut the camera off i do and it won't engage it to go back in HELP HELP HELP I've only used this camera like 15 times it's new GRRRRRRR...

Appreciate any help Thanks !!!!


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My Nikon Coolpix L340 lens rattles inside when I zoom in, what is happening? I believe it could not be attached properly.


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@lv2kiss ,Donna, Look around the gap between lens and camera body and if you see any debri/sand/etc. tear a small piece of paper to use to circle around the lens to dislodge the debri or hold upside down and give a good shake(do not drop).

Remove battery and memory card, hold down power on button for 10 seconds, re insert battery and power on then off.

If no dirt and reset did not work, battery is known good and fully charged and lens will not retract, return under warranty for repair/replacement/refund. Your camera internal lens mechanism could be faulty. Good luck. I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.

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I have problem on zoom

Zoom not completely to end stop between W and T


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YES i had 1 battery not charged THANKS !!!!! bLH

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I am going on a trip soon and now my camera broke. What a coincidence! I am so frustrated!!

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