Multiple battery issues after fixing phone (Moto X Pure)

Alright, so a few weeks ago i dropped my moto x and the screen shattered. I got all the parts, fixed it, and the screen is functioning like normal. The main problem is that the battery will drain extremely quickly, and the phone will not charge. The phone recognizes the cord as plugged in, but the battery menu says not charging. I have tried two phone chargers, both do not work. I have cleared cache, soft reset, and still nothing. The front flash is also missing, but I dont think that contributes to this problem. I was wondering if I should replace any other parts, like the charging port or the battery. In the mean time, I have been using other people's phones and using this really old tablet as a media device...........please help ;-; (also if anyone knows a adhesive that can be used to glue the screen and the frame back together please tell me)

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Sounds tricky. Can you post any pictures, maybe anything that looks damaged


I took pictures of the charging port, battery connector and the battery itself.


none of it seems to be broken. Cant see any faulty connections, and the battery still looks good.


I guess it would be easiest to replace the battery. The charging port needs to be soldered on, as there is no daughter board. Not the most difficult microsolder job, but if you don't have an smd rework station, and flux, and leaded solder, it would be pretty difficult to do


thanks, but do you think the port is broken?


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