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Beats Solo 2 Wireless headphones are a wireless version of the Beats Solo 2. Released in 2014. Model number: MHNG2AM/A.

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Ear padding needs replacing

The leather has cracked around the foam of the ear padding. How or where can I get this fixed?

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Beats Solo wireless ear padding needs changing so can bye them from you model number is 1796 .s/nfl6vq3g8h8vd


@jamespirie Assuming your model number is actually A1796, that corresponds to the Beats Solo 3 model, which is correct for the replacement pads sold by iFixit here.

Beats Solo 2/3 Earpad Cushion


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They can easily be bought on Amazon by simply searching for replacement ear pads / cushions. They cost around 15$ and come with glue pre-applied. All you have to do is remove your current ones and just glue on the new ones.

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Did you find tutorial?

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