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L'édition slim de la Xbox 360 classique avec un disque dur de 250 Go et le Wi-Fi intégré. La réparer nécessite des manœuvres délicates et des outils spécifiques.

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Red dot blinks 11-12 times

My Xbox 360 slim will not boot up after turning it on on the green button turns red and blinks about 11-12 times with a loud fan noise then shuts back off. I have looked everywhere for a fix for this and have found nothing except people with the same problem. This video is exactly what mine does and there have been no fixes for it yet.

I have no warranty and already taken it apart to clean it but it really did nothing. Does anyone know how to fix this? I would be super greatful for a solution.

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I got the same problem. The overheating is the issue. I replaced a few bad resistors from the link below and it worked for me.


Kevin Tran

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Mine makes the sound but without the fan or the lights coming on. I tap the power button and nothing happens


This definitely works for the blinking red dot failure. However, whoever tries to do this fix, know that you are getting into a really REALLY precise soldering work. You'll need a fine tip for your soldering iron, a really good set of eyes or a big magnifying glass/bench mircoscope, and a very steady hand.

Thank you for pointing into the right direction, Kevin!


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I have an Xbox 360 s with the Kinect. 1439 is the model. I had this same exact issue except our light blinked about 30 times while the fans ran fast. I checked all of our resistors and 1 of them resistor 407 had about 100 ohms. I added a drop of solder to jump it and checked it with a meter again and it said 0 ohms. So I plugged it in and she is all backup and running.

The video posted above helped out a lot.

Hope this helps you out.

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