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The Sony ECM-MS907 is a One-Point Stereo Microphone. The device is grey/silver in color, 5-7 inches long (varies in size based on windscreen), and is battery-powered. Primary uses for the device include digital recording or for music concerts.

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I need to replace the cord... but with what cord?

The microphone cord seems to have a contact failure. I would be able to unweld the 3 little cords inside but I don't know with what cord I could replace it. I have a headphone cord, with a jack, but I'm not sure it'll work... and it has only 2 cords in it, not 3.

Does anybody has an idea ?

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I am guessing because it is a stereo microphone, one is left, one is right, the 3rd is ground. I would suggest asking customer support on for a extension stereo audio 3.5mm and see if they can find out if there is a ground wire.

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Buy a cable with the same type of plug at the end.

For example I see a 3.5mm TRS audio cable selling for $2 plus shipping at monoprice. It has the same plug on both ends.

Just cut off one of the plug and use the cable to replace the bad one.

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