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Released in October of 2014. This model, SM-G530H/DV Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime, comes in a White, Gray, or Gold casing.

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Touch not working after digitizer replacement

Hi all,

I replaced the digitizer on the galaxy grand prime and when i boot it up i cant get past the lock screen because the touch doesn't work. Is this the fault of the digitizer? Does it matter that the digitizer was for model G530 when the phone is G531F?

Basically should i get a new digitizer? Or do i need a new LCD too?


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Double check you connections, by disconnecting them and reconnecting them. This is a common problem. If you have a clear picture without lines or blackouts that means your lcd is fine.

If your touch still isn't restored. Try again once more. To make sure that the connections isn't the issue.

If still no prevail, reattach the old digitizer to make sure that some thing didn't shirt out. If the old one works, the the problem lies with the replacement. inspect the ribbon wires attached to the replacement for bends or creases. If nothing can be visibly seen. It's likely you just bought a did. It happens more often then you would like to think. If that's the case, you need to contact the seller for a replacement or refund.

Good luck.

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The screens are interchangeable between models between pretty much all G530 and G531 models so that is not your issue it seems like just a bad part. as the other comment said here retesting the old digi to make sure nothing else was damaged is the best idea

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