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Repair and troubleshooting information for the Suzuki FA50 Moped.

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How to diagnose an electrical problem?

I recently got a 1982 fa50 thats been sitting for at least 3 years. It had been out in the open on its side for who knows how long. I cleaned out gas/oil tanks, new spark plug, new battery, air cleaner, carburetor, changed gear oil, and fixed a petcock problem. It now runs GREAT. Goes super fast and has no problem with leaks, randomly dying on me or anything like that.

HOWEVER the problem now is that the electrical stuff like the turn signal lights and horn etc. aren't working very well. They're just very weak and inconsistent. The speedometer and the tail light aren't working at all. The headlight and brake light work fine but get dim when I put on the turn signal. This was not a problem until after I got it running well. I tried to see if the battery needed charging but the needle on the charger didn't do anything, so I guess it doesn't need to be charged?

Before getting this scooter I was totally new to all this small engine/scooter repair and I have limited experience in electrical maintenance. So any good advice will be helpful. Thanks.

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@zc4140 yes you do want to charge your battery or at least test it. This should still be a battery that has battery acid as electrolyte. So be careful with that. Open the caps on top of the battery and check to see if it has proper fluid level. The cells should be covered. You can measure each cell with a voltmeter. Place the negative probe on the negative contact and gently dunk the tip of the positive probe in the electrolyte. All six cells should show the same voltage. Remember that this is a six volt system.

If the battery is okay you do have to check the voltage on the magneto coils and your voltage regulator.

Block Image

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Okay, so how would I go about checking the magneto coils and voltage regulator?


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Firstly you will have to check the Battery by a digital multimeter. You can use analog also, but it will be heavy and may not give you the actual result. Then check the voltage with multimeter.

If okay check the coils and regulator. You will find error any one f these.

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