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Stoped working at all

My dolce Gusto stoped working when connected to electricity. Light does not even appear

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Does it work when its not connected? When did this occur? How long have you had it?


My machine is only 5 months old. In 2 years I had 3 machines


Hi got a Nescafé Dolce gusto machine and input a discaler through it yesterday as not running quite so smoothly . Did it and rinsed it through all ok. I went to use it and nothing the red light come on then the green been when it's a constant green unmove the swit h over to hot and nothing happens ? Any ideas



Have the same problem, how do you resolve it?


ive had my Krups Piccolo Xs Manual Coffee Machine for 2 days i used it once now not working, no lights on, cant even take pods out it seems jammed? ive tried different sockets, assuming its not the fuse as its only couple days old, any ideas? please i need a coffee hahha


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it happened to me months ago and finally fixed it today. The on/off switch consists of a piece of conductive rubber that makes contact with the circuit underneath. In my case the circuit or rubber became misaligned or dirty.

Either way what fixed it was to disassamble the switch side carefully, remove the switch rubber, clean it and the circuit with some q-tips dabbed with alcohol and reassamble all.

Deassembly was the biggest pain.

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There are two thermal fuses in the back, above the boiler. Replace them both.

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You’ll have to take it apart.


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I think you should check your Dolce Gusto Genio’s mainboard(motherboard) or power port.

Then I think you could fix it.

Have a good day^^

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looks like that signal form switch (hot water lever) goes to main board, but then what?

Maybe you know where should I start?


I'm sorry, I misinformed you earlier.

Let me correct what I said earlier.

I think your Dolce Gusto fuse is broken so it doesn't working.

Here's a link to a YouTube video that tells you how to fix it.

Link :

Link for your Dolce Gusto's fuse (SF129E) :

I hope you'll be able to repair it.

Have a nice day.


ahh thank you for a suggestion, checked my fuses.

But all of them looks normal.

So still looking for my problem


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